We're sitting silent
    In the twilight now
    We're sitting here
    Just kind of wondering how
    We ended up like this

    VERSE 2
    When did the love die
    When did our hearts break apart
    Now we're wondering
    Should we just restart

    Do we get a second chance
    At this twilight romance
    Do we get to try again
    And make meaningless amends
    Just to have our lips meet once again
    Do we get a second chance
    For love

    VERSE 3
    Now, I know it was my fault
    it was me that broke it off
    And I regret that
    As I sit here crying empty tears
    I wonder
    Should we restart

    I've been told that once
    a heart is broken, it can't be mended
    But it can
    We just need a second chance