• There is nothing that the world can tell me now
    That can ever make me see how
    You would ever be the one thing I never needed
    You’re the only warning I ever heeded
    She can tell me that she hates me all she wants
    But she’s just mad because of the love that we flaunt
    I am here in your arms and I am happy
    Beyond all that ever made me feel crappy
    And though the light may be tired and dim
    I know that I will always love you instead of him
    I once let go of friends, I once let go of all
    So much did I let go of I had no more weight to make me fall
    And instead of treading that cold ground where there is only night
    I fly up in the air where I’m released from all my fright
    A hand that may stretch towards the heavens may be battered and bruised
    But the hand will always reach past those who only used
    And give life through tears that fall, only to become the rain
    And the gift of giving to all and getting past the pain
    I am glad that I am here where sunlight shines on my soul
    The past is now complete, and I find that I am whole
    So let’s go beyond the stars, beyond eternity
    Let’s go to the place where we are forever free