• Can a heart still break once it has stopped beating?
    Why can't you tell me the answer?
    Why can't you tell me?
    I think I know why.
    You're dead.
    You can't speak because I sewed your lips.
    I killed you.
    I did it because you hated me.
    You wanted me only for you.
    I hate you!
    I hate you forever!
    I will kill a thousand people because you damned me.
    You damned me for eternity.
    You liar!
    I want to kill you over and over now.
    Every thought of you makes me want to kill you.
    Kill you.
    You handsome fool.
    I just want to kill you.
    You left me.
    I'm after you.
    You murderer!
    So I'll tell you this.
    A heart can break.
    But only after you have died.