• You walked up to me
    Wondering what was up with me
    Asking me why I had changed
    So suddenly

    I looked into your eyes
    Staring hard
    Not blinking

    I answered
    That I did not deserve the treatment
    That was give to me
    By you

    That your awful remarks
    Were not worth it
    Not worth my feelings getting hurt

    I also wondered why you had changed

    Where did my friend go?

    Where was that honest smile?

    All I see is a fake

    Someone who I tried to understand
    But only got lashed at

    So you ask why I ignore you
    Why would I want to be around someone who said
    "You're pathetic when you're sad?"

    And other insults?

    Who would want to be around someone like that?

    You know that I don't

    So when you're the friend I cared about
    The one who cared about me too

    Then come back

    But I'm tired of your attitude

    Don't demand me to be the way I used to be
    Not when you haven't done the same

    I do not deserve that

    And you do not deserve my friendship
    Or me