• I'm dead now so will I be grived for?
    I wasn't poor but pepole can say that
    On earth I was ugly
    Now my beauty from inside
    Reflects on my out

    I was unpopular
    Bullied was I so
    All because of trends
    Pepole wouls shout
    "Give us proof that you have trendy stuff!"
    But were is the proof that trends
    Should be right?

    Trends are things
    That swallow you up
    Once you are attached
    A chain strangles you
    It won't stop
    I wish it would

    Were is the proof
    Those who aren't rich sould be listined to
    Those who are wierd
    Aren't right but could be
    Belifs are powerfull
    And now I'm dead
    Will I be listend to