• Here I lie.
    I am just 2100 years old.
    I have had many Names.
    For my life I have fought and never lost.
    This time is the end.
    My Wings Clipped by my mate of 600 years.
    At first I did not mind.
    She showed me something that I though I had lost.
    I smile yet she betrayed me.
    I lie here dying again.
    This time I will not survive.
    The wound...A hole in my chest.

    I see my life passing before me.
    My mates, my son.
    I hear a sad crooning.

    It is my son.
    Though I cannot see, I know he is here.
    Holding my head in his lap.
    I feel Diamonds tears falling on me.
    He is A miniature of me
    He whispers "daddy don’t die,I love you."
    We normally accept and welcome death
    Still he cries.

    Though he is here.
    Alone I am still.
    No one to turn to
    No one to be here to heal this wound
    Alone I am.

    The death blow...dealt to me but the sword held by my silver mate.
    The Sword...I gave her as a gift...she used it to end my life.

    All is dark.
    So this is death?