• Golden sparkles of light, golden butterflies

    Creating shadows cast across the skies

    At vision's edge, so beautifully caught

    Yet never there when pleadingly sought.

    Fluttering wings, so vast, so deep

    Pools of sunlight though rays do not meet

    Isn't it like the silver moon's farewell?

    As it cries when it does not hear sunshine's bells.

    So lack of birds, free thought and light

    And now a lack of simple sight

    For the golden butterflies flutter fast

    But it can't be real, only a dream of the past.

    But what is dreaming, a visage of want?

    Or some insanity that slowly haunts?

    Whatever the hope, or reason it may be

    These golden butterflies cloud my present to see.

    I cannot see the present for they obstruct my every view

    I cannot wonder the future as it comes so very soon

    So I only see the past and the bright golden glow

    Like the sun that never saw the moon or the twilight show....