• i am a slow song played on a rainy day.
    the sadden smile captured on this film.
    i am a silnet scream wanting help.
    alone in my world i remain.
    slowly losing what was once close to me.
    my love slowly fading away, comsuming into endless tears.
    lost inside my digital dreams.
    i am the weak.
    my voice is silnet and can not be heard.
    i fade away into darkness.
    i am forgotten.
    missing what used to be..me.
    my sercets pin me down further and further into this darken hole.
    i am no more.
    i cant take the pain and the stress.
    i want to be free but im chain to death.
    i want to shine.
    but i am not bright enough.
    i am a beautiful masterpiece but hidden.
    cold and dark i remain.
    i hold up the fake smile to pretend i am ok.
    but dying inside
    can you see my pain?