• the fighting has stopped,

    our enemy's retreated,

    though our troops say we have won i think that neither side succeeded.

    our captiol is gone,

    our cities barley can strive,

    and the people both rich and poor struggle to survive,

    the effect of this great war, no one can thrive.

    the economy's seems to be erased,

    by this war we've faced,

    what we call earth has ended u doing nothing but laying a waste.

    years later our population is dying,

    our leaders are hiding the truth by replacing it with lying,

    all the kids who've lost their mothers begin crying to god " what we call a regular life has become a second hell where those who are good and bad suffer. only death will set us free from this world of agony"

    now i too lay dying on the cold ground,

    i take on last look at the world and i say to myself " it seems even though the people suffer it has effected our leader in the least, this world might have been better if they had replaced fighting with peace." as i say this in my last breath i close my eyes and welcome death.