• The sky above is filled with sparkling stars
    Or maybe it's tears
    I would not know the difference
    For below the glow of the moon
    A love tragedy takes place

    A girl
    Long black hair
    A light black uniform and skirt
    She runs past the gates
    Past my bushes of roses
    As deep as her brown eyes
    But she stops to sit by the fountain
    As filled with water as her own eyes
    For she cries

    A boy
    He runs after her
    His skin darker
    A light black uniform and tie
    He hides in the bushes
    He fears the girl will reject him
    He desires her affection
    He wants her happy
    But his pride says,
    So he keeps back.

    The girl
    She looks to the cry
    Tears roll down her face
    she says,
    "I am sorry
    Please Forgive me
    I have sinned"
    But no answer if given
    She is ashamed
    Her eyes find the ground
    And she cries some more

    The boy
    He cannot take it any longer
    He jumps up
    Out of hiding
    Pulls his arms around the girl
    A sweet, loving embrace
    Angel wings
    A sweet chime

    They both
    Look at each other
    That don't see eye-to-eye
    For they never will
    The next day
    He will die

    A sudden down pour of rain hits them
    He pushes her inside
    To keep warm from the bitter cold rains
    But he made the sacrifice
    He becomes sick

    The next day
    An overdose
    A panicked girl
    A dead boy
    A ruined loved story
    My love story
    With no Happy Ending