In the darkness of the night
    He holds her gently
    Running his fingers through her golden hair
    She gazes into his eyes.
    Her muscles seize, her spine is
    Wracked and broken.
    His tears fall
    Cascading down onto her delicate porcelain skin.

    Her strength wanes.
    The strings of her corset barely rise
    And fall with each passing breath.
    He bargains with his god
    Take me instead, I’ll do anything.
    Her vision fades
    Falling into oblivion.
    Her last breath
    Frozen in time, tremulous
    Clings to the chilly air.

    She expires
    Succumbing to the injuries that consume her.
    He wails
    The sound of despair echoes all around.
    He kneels and curses his absent god
    Who took flight at the utmost end of need.
    He screams
    For the dreadful reality is seared into his mind.

    He reaches for the dagger that will
    Unchain his scarred and tortured soul.
    Crimson regret and anguish
    Gush from his sepulchral flesh.
    He quivers
    As the last drops of life stain the unblemished earth..

    A rift is severed in the clouds.
    Divine beings descend to witness
    The bittersweet sight of annihilation.
    Heaven’s crystalline tears flow
    From the eyes of the servants of God.
    Angelic hands cover the weak, helpless bodies.
    The souls emerge
    From the earthly flesh that held them back
    And float together to the great beyond
    To ensure their place together
    Away from carnage and despair.
    Stripped of human weakness, they’ll finally be