• A Voice of a Child
    (A Silenced Voice of a Child)
    (A Voice of an Unheard Child)

    So many voices
    By the ears
    That don't open to listen.

    All the brilliant minds
    Waisted by those
    Who mute them.

    The children
    Who are ignores
    The teens
    Who commit suicide
    The adults
    Who just don't care.

    Our world
    Is being waisted
    By those of you
    Who don't listen or care
    About our future
    Our life

    Open your ears
    Your ears
    Your mind,
    If only for a moment,
    To those of us
    That know
    Who care
    We who will never give in
    To you who throw us away.

    Bring us together
    We will never again
    Be defeated by
    Those of you.

    If not now
    Then we can wait.
    But we will always
    Be here
    Never forget
    We never give in!