• you think you've done everything right
    but the truth is you haven't
    wanting forgiveness
    but no one has it

    Now you are wishing you could die
    others tell you that you shouldn't
    but all you think is every one hates me
    wait and somebody will answer you

    Waiting for the darkness to end
    you see a light up ahead
    you question it
    "Is it real?"
    "Why so far?" you ask

    Just wait and somebody will forgive you
    the next day you go and ask for forgiveness
    they shoot you down

    You've waited to long and you finally give up
    now you are thinking of ways to die
    you make a nosse

    just as you out your head in the phone rings
    you answer it
    on the other side of the phone you hear a voice "Don' t do it. I forgive you"
    then he hangs up
    you wonder who it is

    funny isn't it?
    Just as you fall on the track of life
    god helps you get back on track

    It may seem like he isn't there and dosn't care
    but he is just waiting for a mess up