• The silence in my head
    Is blocking out the pain
    causing me to fade away
    To where it never rains

    I am so all alone
    Encompassed in my lies
    And I know with all my heart
    That everything soon dies

    Because the sun has turned to ash
    The moon forever raised
    You have vanished from the place
    That I once have gazed

    I travel this narrow line
    That runs forever long
    Always stopping much too late
    To see how far I’ve gone

    The glittering haze of infinity
    Dances at the edge of my mind
    Intertwining my broken focus
    Forcing my eyes blind

    The neon grays of my world
    Remind me of my song
    The song that tells me just one thing:
    My existence is all wrong

    So do not blame the death giver
    When I am lost to the sea
    Please do not blame the murderer
    For the murderer is me