• There is a place I know so well
    Where angels sing and nothing is gray
    A place to spend my days away
    In a little place called heaven
    Where no one hurts
    And pain is gone
    Where everything is right; and nothing wrong
    In this place called heaven
    Of only if only I truly knew
    How to reach this place
    And escape the troubles of hells gates
    How much I would truly love heaven
    I'm scared of trying to live my life
    Because I do everything wrong; and nothing right
    In this world I know as hell
    I only wish to find heaven
    How so much pain can come in one lifetime is
    beyond me
    How I can live so long, without breaking down
    Is a sight to see
    Living each day, like it is my last
    is the life for me
    Having faith, in a place that I have never seen
    may be a decision that will come as a mistake
    But to wake into a world with sunshine and rain
    Is like a little piece of heaven
    If I can only find my love again...