• .:=:.Sitting here is such a bore.
    To stay awake is a chore.
    Pages flip and pencils scratch,
    In this school I’ve met my match.
    Not enough free time to go around.
    The ticking clock makes its sound.
    Long hours at my desk,
    Has left me with too much stress.
    All the teachers rant, rant, rant.
    Listen? Sorry, I just can’t.
    Rushing here, rushing there,
    I tell ya, this schedule just ain’t fair.
    High school’s where your grade’s at stake.
    I wonder when’s my bathroom break.
    Bullies making so much trouble.
    Once or twice may cause a stumble.
    But thank God for all my friends!
    Where the good times have no ends.
    All and all, school ain’t so bad.
    Well…maybe just a tad.:=:.