• I feel spacey,
    As if I have too many thoughts or too few.
    My mind is crowded,
    Veiled with sleepiness…
    When was the last time I stopped?
    Words, like tricksters, trip me
    I’m falling again
    How boring
    All I ever do is fall
    Get back up
    Get back up…
    I wonder if this momentum
    Pushes against my friends,
    Pushing them away.
    Who really wants to be with someone who is
    Like me?
    I pretend not to notice
    Since no one else seems to care.
    Worn thin, people turn selfish
    Who really care about YOU
    When I’M struggling?
    It’s a lonely pity party that everyone attends,
    To everyone else’s situation.
    How can you change your perspective
    When you can’t see?
    —The blindfold slips—
    The enlightenment is momentary
    And you forget all about your point,
    And everyone else.
    Funny, how spacey I feel.
    As if I have too many thoughts,
    Or too few.