• Who are you?
    I feel you staring at me while I walk to school.
    I feel you following me as I quicken my pace.
    I smell your faint scent as the wind gives away your position.
    You are behind me..
    I turn
    No one..
    Who are you?

    As I sit in the math class, I gaze out at the sky and think..
    You are the one snuck in my room the other night, and stole my sock.
    You are the one who attacked my best friend that evening in the woods.
    I am afraid..

    Who are you?
    Why are you following me?
    What have I done to you?
    I am NOONE!!!

    ...I am alone.
    He is staring at me again.
    He is getting closer.
    But I don't care.
    I have ran out of options.
    I am done.
    Take me.

    I lie in my bed.
    I think of my family and friends.
    Will they miss me?
    No, they won't.
    I shut my eyes.
    He is in this room.
    I can feel his presence behind me.
    My eyes remain closed.
    I hear the floor creak as he nears.
    I am ready.
    I feel his breathe on the nape of my neck.
    Take me.
    Take me NOW!!

    He's gone.
    Or so I thought.
    He wants me to go to sleep.
    He stands behind me, waiting.
    Waiting for what?
    An invitation?
    I open my eyes.
    The moon is shining bright through my lavender drapes.
    I can't see his reflection.
    But I can feel his presence.

    I shut my eyes.
    Ok, I'm ready.
    He takes a couple of steps toward me.
    Once again, I feel his hot breath on the nape of my neck.
    He's thinking.
    Thinking of what?
    He's got me.
    I'm done for.
    Goodbye world.
    Goodbye Hawthorne Heights CDs
    Goodbye Hello Kitty phone charm.
    Goodbye unopened skittles bag.
    Ewwww, gross Pop.
    Quit licking me!!!
    I turn to face my 2 year old german shephard.
    *slurp, right in the mouth*