• a lost heart
    an untouchable love
    this lost memorys
    because i was all alone
    i cried in the dark with no smile
    slowly the sky changes
    and we become friends
    but i still beleave
    to listen to your heart
    when you guide me forward
    i see the light of the sun
    and the pain
    of darknessslowly drifts away
    the darkness is so painful
    but the hurt
    makes me come closer to the sun
    so i will cheerish it always
    even if the darkness binds my heart
    the light of the sun will not vanish
    i used to be told that
    i am always getting strounger
    can we look back at
    the day we first meet?
    so the memory will come to life
    and the sweet sound of
    the birds will fill our ears again
    because these memorys maybe nothing to you
    but to me they are what brought me through the darkness
    so i thank you for being there me
    for are a true friend to me