• Walking along this lonely path.
    Exiled by her lovely wrath.
    I thought being hurt, could only make you stronger.
    But I’m just not sure, if I can take this any longer.
    I just can’t go on, without a reason to live.
    But only for you, my life, I would give.
    I know, yes, I made a mistake.
    Now I am burning in fire at the stake.
    The sun is setting, I’ll be all alone.
    I’ll have to walk through the darkness, and go on my own.
    Please come and save me from this life.
    But I promise I won’t go down, without putting up a fight.
    You are the center of my world.
    And I was hoping one day, that you’d be my girl.
    But that dream has been crushed.
    Trashed and scattered.
    The web we were weaving has become tattered.
    I’ll still be here, to catch you when you fall.
    Because you are my life, my love, and my all.
    I’ll be your angel, standing by you near.
    Keeping you safe, from all the things you fear.
    Even if you don’t care about me, I hope one day you’ll see.
    That in your heart, I’ll always be…
    Your Friend.