• No matter what happens he can cheer me up
    When I'm depressed he can make me smile
    Sometimes, just to see him laugh
    I would walk a mile

    If I gave up
    Just laying on the bathroom floor
    He would be enraged and drag me off
    He doesn't let me do it anymore

    I really haven't a clue
    The way he looks at me
    It's so...possesing
    That's the way it is meant to be

    He is so undescribably perfect
    You have to see him only one time
    And you'll be in your bed writing poetry
    Left without an accurate rhyme

    I can't go without him
    He makes me feel so beautiful and careless
    It's nearly impossible not to be stunned
    By his greatness

    His personality is so intriguing
    The way he is so playful and challenging
    Once again
    My heart is racing

    The way I could follow him to the ends of the Earth
    The way I can just be hypnotized be his eagerness
    It's simply undescribable...
    Perfection at its best