• Being in constant pain
    I can never refrain
    Inflicting upon myself
    Degrading my health
    There's always an emotion
    Ready to cause an explosion
    Can never get out
    Makes me want to shout
    So much pressure building up
    Spilling over the cup
    It's more than i can take
    Always being called a fake
    Always filled with anger
    Just being a stranger
    Everything causing pain
    Is costantly causing strain
    You don't know how i feel
    I don't have nerves of steel
    The pain never goes away
    While you ask if im ok
    It will never end
    These wounds will never mend
    My feelings never matter
    All i can do is become sadder
    Even though i care
    All people can do is stare
    This pain is real
    This is how i feel