• Though i loved you and you loved me.
    It was a forbidden love that all could see.
    We always thought we could never be...until our love shined through and showed us what could be.
    Under the cherry blossoms by the sea the moon shined bright,to light our paths...
    The ones we thought we never had filled with love and joy, beauty and bliss, we know we cld love eachother till the very end.
    We had long oaths,but not long enough for us..we wanted to be together forever, and that will become true very soon.
    I walked down the moon-lit isle, wanting to be next to him. My white dress, simple yet beautiful, the seams delicate, yet keeping us together.
    Finally there, we said I do. To be forever together and never apart.
    Our start was rocky as it always will be, but it made our love stronger than anyone would have guessed.
    As time went on, no one questioned our love as I was him and he was me.
    A forbidden love that ended and now...
    We stand together under the cherry blossoms, by the sea.....