• I was looking into a mirror
    and I traced my features to my face
    from my toes to my stomach
    to my shoulders
    to my eyes

    I stared deeply into the glass
    I tried to peer into my soul
    I gazed with such a savage intensity
    and I was out of control
    and I stared into my pupil's black as coal

    I stared deeper into the darkness
    and I fell so far
    like a marionette who's strings tore
    I jerked to a stop in mid air
    and I saw a reddish light

    in the midst of the darkness a maelstrom tore
    it manifested out of the nowhere
    it just spun into the nothingness
    and it drifted toward me
    and I was drawn by the malevolent beauty

    I revolved around and round
    further into the crimson storm
    then it started to change
    and I was afraid it'd leave me
    as I was flung outward to the portals or voids

    I saw millions of them
    scattered throughout
    and each showing everything I hate
    and coming into being
    showing me sick phantasms of me to become

    I lashed out at the parodies
    there was malice in there ghostly eyes
    and I stared back
    my eyes their equal
    and I fought against their lies

    They Screamed
    They Tormented
    They Tortured me
    They threw me to a void
    and my eyes opened as I writhed on the floor