• I walked a lone road of blood and death
    My shadow and I were fiends, monsters of men
    I walked a lone road of blood and death
    Watching my love become one with...

    for death or glory i stand here
    for loss of my heart i strive to find
    i ride in powerful armor with gun in hand
    to my finial days, my Armageddon

    fear ignored and blessed by his greatness
    born to die, fighting hopelessly to the end
    greater than men, stronger than steel i stand

    For you I kill
    For you we fight
    For hatred we figth
    For hatred we live

    I know of what should be never known
    Knowing of devoured worlds
    Knowing of hell-bent armies
    Knowing of cursed arts
    Knowing of all consuming terror

    To kill the four gods
    Kill the traitors
    The Vengeance of Hel
    Monsters of fire

    The rain of bullets
    The forests of swords
    Deamons below
    Deamons rising

    For honor we die
    Tears of pain we cry
    Upon death we fly
    Why must you dieā€¦