• Sad? Oh you mean the angel that sinned,
    Ohh...that again?
    Let me tell you the tell..,
    How the angel went to hell,

    She was a beauty no doubt,
    Yet she kept something hidden without a slight shout,
    She never showed signs of dieciet ..,
    Or..maybe that was just me?..,
    The angel golden honey dew hair,
    Always curled ever so fair,
    Her smile brought everyone up,
    until one day it was rightside up,
    Her smile was a frown..which was weird,
    The angel who smiled ever single day of the year,
    We asked her whats the matter...,
    But she froze like she were to shatter,
    Her sweet soft voice was broken,
    Never like before she had spoken,
    She told us that she had sinned,
    All the towns people began to question,
    Her heart shut down as soon she thought,
    Really i am a angel or am i a frawt,
    She heard a noise at her door,
    Her head suddenly began to twirl,
    It was the devil here to collect her,
    All she could do is sit and reminisce how she wasn't pure,
    The angel's sin was...,
    She forgot how to love,
    Even though her smile was above,
    She forgot how to feel happy,
    Though inside she felt sappy,
    She lost her greatest part..,
    Her feelings,
    They disappeared long ago..,
    before she was a angel...so,
    Her heart was shattered by another..,
    which caused her heart to shutter,
    she snapped and took the knife,
    Nobody else knows what happened that night.