• So i sit, and sit,
    waiting for something, anything to happen.
    I find myself thinking.
    some how I hurt, and wish to know why.
    Thoughts bundle up in my head,
    to many to listen to at once.
    it gives me a headache, and I realize
    Man does life suck?

    I dont wish so much as to die,
    nor to inflict pain upon myself.
    So instead, my rage builds up.
    It swells like a balloon,
    And builds like a fire.
    I want to make someone hurt,
    and make myself hurt less.
    But that would be selfish.
    I shouldn't do that.
    So I've just got to suck it up.

    They say when life hands you lemmons,
    to make lemmonade.
    But when life hands me pain,
    it just sits there,
    getting bigger and stronger.
    It eventually becomes a monster,
    destroying me inside.
    I feel like letting this mondter wants to be free.
    I then get a releiving feeling,
    as the monster leaves me,
    and i no longer need to suck it up....

    Now I wait.
    But it won'tbe long.
    The monster will find me again,
    and I'll come once more to my senses.
    And realize....
    Man does life suck?