• I hid my face.
    Trying to sheild my shame.
    I walked away
    Feeling gutless and heartbroken.
    My true love was standing there
    In complete distance
    Only inches away
    And I turn my back
    I now feel alone
    Betrayed by my own freind.
    I never thought that a single movement could mean so much
    Standing here
    Left alone on the sidewalk
    Waiting for him to appear like he always did.
    I waited in that same spot for what seemed like hours
    But I soon saw the light of the full moon
    Arriving at the center of the sky
    Shining on my chest
    I soon saw someone standing behind me
    And the light glistened in their eyes.
    I waited for what had seemed the longest time in my life
    And he comes
    Standing before me.
    I had no choice what to do...