• By: E.J. Fulford
    aka Nubio36

    "The Truth"

    Do with it what you will
    Take it to the heart or take it ill
    Love me or hate me but know this still
    It won't change a single thing…

    The truth shall set you free, I'm told
    Though others say it's much too bold
    To show them things they cannot hold
    Or understand completely

    Some believe and others trust, they say
    Looking upon themselves each day
    They fall on hard and turn to pray
    So afraid to be alone

    For those who cannot accept, just take
    Ignorance is bliss but can only make
    An existence, in entirety, just a fake
    Without reason or purpose

    In the end for tears they would blame
    Nobody, for no other would remain
    A cause would not exist but shame
    And questions still answered

    No argument could stand up to Good
    The pursuit of darkness never could
    Poison those who simply would
    Otherwise shadow loves joy

    Religion will always shower down
    Excuses to which they are bound
    Loopholes where the darkness is found
    Lingering, silently, still

    Each day the sheep follow in stride
    Predictable and timely as the tide
    Afraid, they huddle without shred of pride
    Awaiting fateful slaughter

    The life of the herd is delusion
    Protection in numbers, an illusion
    It only requires a single intrusion
    By a wolf who walks alone

    In that moment for one second brief
    The mindless soul can realize grief
    As it is left behind like a fallen leaf
    Singly dispensable

    The herd runs together out of sight
    Their personal risk not worth the fight
    Losses are forgotten before the end of night
    But…what was to remember?

    Day by day it continues to be
    The wandering of numbers in ill destiny
    While a single spirit wild and free
    Remains unstoppable

    Without reliable approved consent
    It travels onward, gleaming with content
    And others feel they must comment
    To justify their choices

    Those powered by freedom will not fall
    Or falter by the faithless squall
    Of wanderers too plain to recall
    Masked in uniformity

    The sounds of them like the wind in trees
    A fading background noise and bitter breeze
    Merely a nuisance disturbing the peace
    Ever so pointlessly

    They will gather behind a façade of cheer
    For divided decades, year by year
    Living paralyzed with fear
    Of the unknown which is LIFE

    Just as those cowardly will band
    The strong and few will always stand
    Like oceans aside countless grains of sand
    Defining power in glory

    And in the end, for it must come
    Who will you have then become?
    Time is still upon you, so take some
    And decide when you're ready

    It is never impossible to be truly great
    If you open your eyes before it's too late
    Or stop doubting yourself and trust fate
    You are worth the risk

    For the sheep will always come and go
    If you're mind is open it will show
    With jealous hate they will tell you so
    And there is no greater gift.


    "The Truth" speaks out to the reader. It explains some issues and how they relate to people. Such as those who turn to religion in times of need while others attend but do not believe and therefore gain little. Some people close their hearts to avoid burden but lose part of themselves in the process. Some make the mistake of confusing religion with innocence.

    When I was growing up I found that in high school a lot of teenagers would form large groups to protect themselves from their enemies...people do this now in adulthood on facebook or at their jobs. The truth is that like a large herd of sheep, they sustain a little protection but when lost are not remembered. How can such a large group remember so many people trying not to be seen?

    Then there are those who risk being seen and end up with a couple of friends, good friends, the type of people who would visit them in the hospital if they got into an accident or help them move...friends for life. These are the lucky ones. Groupies will often poke fun at them once and a while but they need to remember that it is a compliment more than insult. That is because if it did not happen it means they are invisible and when you're invisible you are truly alone.