• always here
    by kairu.kyle

    the one that made me feel like no one ever had..
    and make me smile whenever i was sad...
    it was you who i could never forget..
    loving you, i will never regret

    you ignored me and pushed me away..
    but that doesn't matter, i'm okay.
    just let me show how much i love you
    i'll be with you and do what i have to...

    a shoulder to lean and cry on..
    if ever he left you and abandon
    i'm always here remember that..
    i'll never leave you no matter what!

    i don't care if you threw me in the past
    i'll always love you, my love will last
    because i can't forbid myself from loving you
    i swear to you this feelings are true

    but tell me the truth do you love me too?
    or you don't and say we're through?
    i gave you everything; all is in your hands..
    yet if you don't love me i understand..

    all i want is the truth to know..
    i can always stay behind and let you go
    you don't have to worry i'll still be here
    i won't leave you i'm always near..

    for i'll love you even more each day..
    and "i'll always be here" this i say.. heart heart heart heart