• Night falls and the shadows creep,
    Like the darkness on the midnight street.
    No one's around and it feels so cold,
    the lights don't shine so maybe no one's home.
    It always feels like someone watching me,
    I want to stay but I must leave.
    As I walk I hear a phone,
    Last time I checked no one was home.
    It stops and the silence is back,
    I was scared of something like that.

    Here comes the laughs, here comes the growls
    I keep saying no one's around.
    The fear in my heart builds and builds,
    I start to run and scream until.

    I fall and wake in my bed,
    Heavily breathing, realizing it was all in my head.
    I look around and all I see,
    Is the darkness and two red eyes staring at me.