• With This Rose

    With this rose
    You gave to me your love,
    Something I never dreamed of.

    With this rose
    You gave to me your heart,
    And swore to me we’d never be apart.

    You saved me from being slain,
    And from my heart you broke the chain,
    Then you promised me never again would I feel pain.

    With this rose
    You promised you’d never leave my side,
    No longer would I have a reason to hide.

    With this rose
    I placed my full trust in you,
    Someone who was pure and true.

    You rescued me from those who were vile,
    And for once you made me smile,
    Something I haven’t done in a while.

    With this rose
    You promised to be there should I ever break down and cry,
    Or even if a single tear left my eye.

    With this rose
    You swore I’d never be alone,
    Never again left to wander on my own.

    You held me in your arms,
    And I held you in mine,
    You swore we’d be together until the end of time.