• Life seems unfair when I can no longer be with him. The birds can not sing. My soul is heavy, yet it feels so empty. The dark clouds seem to only me while everyone it shines so brightly. Nothing could ever feel the same once more. No longer that of a little child’s that was able to flutter so freely. But wanting to feel the stab of a sharp knife to stop the beating. Yet it never dies as it is stabbed. Some how, yet some way, it flutters ever slightly.

    Yet, when I gaze at him, those wounds that hurt so badly seemed to disappear. The weight goes way with a second word. The sun seems to shine brightly through the clouds that I thought could never end. Tears of joy as I gaze upon his face seem to over flow through me, urging me to run towards him. Embracing him tightly. His words seemingly sweet that makes my heart and soul go crazy.

    I hold him tightly, not wanting it to be an illusion. Though, I embracing him tightly, I seem to pass swiftly through him. Falling to the ground as tears fall to my exposed skin. Hating for getting my hopes up. Yet, the warm feeling is still there, as a red ribbon is tied to my pinky, guiding my way to him. Smiling I know he thinks of me as our love is more beautiful the Sakura blossoms that will some day surround us.