• Love is in the air,
    And spring is almost here.
    The only thing that will never change is
    How my love for you is always near.
    When I see you, I stare,
    When I think of you, I dream,
    When I miss you, I cry,
    Because I love how your eyes gleam.
    I love the way you smile.
    And I love the way you speak.
    Beside you I'm a little girl
    With a voice that's just a squeak.
    That body so fine,
    And your personality so sweet.
    I really don't know if it was fate
    That wanted us to meet.
    I can't read your mind,
    Though I wish that I could,
    Because I want to say "I love you",
    But I don't think that I should.
    I'll admit that I'm afraid
    To get hurt once more.
    But with you I'm taking the risk
    Of loving you to the core.