• Closed eyes, closed minds,
    heart steeling, heart stoppings,
    dirty hands, dirty feet,
    of all the people we dare to meet.
    What happened? No one knows.
    Rage bursting in flames,
    hate darkening days,
    the wind lost its spirits,
    quiet filling the Earth.
    Fists tightening, stress burning,
    screaming out of pain,
    crying, yelling, running.
    Clouds of gray, sky of black,
    ground of red, grass of the blood shed from the love we lack.
    Rage filling the Earth, its mind, its soul.
    Heat burning everything dead and alive.
    Dreams lost, morality lost, all kinds of hope.... Lost.
    Lost in darkness, no light found.
    All hope is burried, pounding the ground.
    This place needs help.
    Everything is dead.