• Turn off the lights
    Let's go outside
    You can't hide
    It's time to start the fight

    There's no reason to cry
    Dreams're still alive
    Are you ready to die?
    This could be your last night

    You better start to run
    Everything's already done
    Go and do it! Come on!
    Try something new and wrong

    I have no more fear
    I'm ready to feel what's real
    No more sadness, no more tears
    World's made of iron and steal

    Your hero's fighting for his soul
    He has nothing less his sword
    Everybody's on the last battle of the war
    So, what are you waiting for?

    Angels've lost their wings
    There's no more castles for the Kings
    The world's fighting for the shallow gold of the rings
    But they can't see... Here nothing's what it seems