• Till Death do us part what a statement so meek
    I thought it was true until I fell weak

    Lost my sight of what was true
    No matter what I still think of you

    I was found but lost I am
    I guess I still don’t give a damn

    Yesterday is in the past
    I can live my life at long last

    Multitudes of colors and hues
    I live my life through different views

    Daring ,strength I lose myself
    All I have is writings of wealth

    Today is here and never ending
    Tomorrow is coming but never is revealed

    Dressed up so high
    All I know is a lie.

    Please please please don’t cry
    I am soon so soon to die

    I scratch the wall
    I have lost it all.

    I pull apart my books of letters
    The notes we wrote they do me no better

    I couldn’t keep the promises that I had once made
    But I guess that’s me I break what I make

    Punching holes through all I know
    Sleeping of nights before

    Danger always at my door.
    The death I didn’t do before

    I am no longer afraid
    Sane or lost

    Soon to be gone by mornings light
    See this not as a fright.

    I am me not who you thought me to be
    Don’t break down I’ll be fine just run away

    Take your chances life goes on
    By morning I will be dead and gone