• In a world made hostile by radioactive ash,
    it makes no sense to sit on your a**.
    Try as I might, I can't seem to move,
    off of this chair as I listen to this groove.

    I wander all alone in this world,
    wishing I had somebody to hold.
    I look at you from far away,
    hoping. Waiting....for another day.

    In sickness I lack the voice to speak,
    barely conscious long enough to breathe.
    I lift my arm to write these words,
    and fade away once more to sleep.....

    I decided to kill mutants alone
    But I ran into some guys
    Who shot out my eyes
    And then I woke up a clone

    There was only oblivion, when i witnessed the end.
    The darkness consumes me, it is an old friend.

    My blade cuts his throat, there is no hesitation.
    On the path i now walk, there can be no salvation.