• No longer the Lonely Star

    You’ve taken me out of the darkness
    Out of the effortless trails of getting company
    I am no longer the lonely star that shined and yet no one saw
    I may seem exaggerated…
    I may seem frightened…
    But the light that you have left me in my soul shines brighter than the sun
    You treat me as a goddess…
    Yet I do not float
    You treat me as a queen…
    Yet I don’t own a crown
    The path I’ve chosen for life has been good because it has taken me to you.
    You are my friend…yet you love me so much
    Is it to early to feel anything for you?
    You’ve taken me out of the routine…
    Out of the ordinary…
    Makes me feel…human again.
    Take me to whatever you’re heart desires for I am your princess
    And you are my prince.

    When the mind speaks: Am I suppose to even feel this way for a friend? I confuse myself sometimes and you take my confusion even higher. Am I supposed to cry while writing this? Am I supposed to be reminded of you in each thing I see? I know God is playing with me; He makes me think of you constantly. May be I’m just sentimental again.