• Why? Why did you leave me?!
    Where? Where are you?!
    What? What happened?!
    How? How could you leave me alone?!

    I miss you so, that i cry everyday, every time,
    Minutes cut,
    My hope, My Love...for you.
    I don't see you walking down the hallways anymore.
    Your image is fading away. Dissapear, cause i found out...your dead.

    I go to your cemetree and i hear a weak call for ..me?
    Alert, Calm, Scared. Who said that? I felt a kiss on the lips, i couldnt see anyone in front of me,
    i see him fade away.

    Now, everyday i visit the cemetree everyday and see you.
    but after a while i didnt know but im disapearing, fading, dieing away, but i had to be with you, so i died with you, as long as im with you,.. I'm..happy.