• There he goes, walking by,
    As my friend stops and starts to stare..
    She ponders and wonders when she'll have the guts to try..
    And starts to doubt if he would even care..

    My friend has always liked him...
    But she only looks at him when he looks away...
    It's like her heart sings his name in an adoring hymn..
    With a voice of longing, loneliness, and dismay..

    When will she tell him? Maybe she never will..
    Does it really even matter?
    But if she won't, her time will continue to stand still..
    Caught in a sadness revolving around him, where she will suffer..

    She tells me her stories, and how much pain she feels..
    How much she wishes she could let him know..
    But she fears that her doubts might turn real..
    And she will have to give up and let him go..

    Secret and Unrequited. That's the love my friend has had..
    And their situation stayed as it were..
    But I don't think that failing to let someone know you love them is bad..
    After all, I'm still happy, even though that's the kind of love I feel for her..