• They say its better to love
    than to not love at all
    you should forgive and forget
    rather than live your life in sad regret
    the idea of love for another
    is held in the mind
    but for those whose love is true
    its held in the heart
    Forever strong, until it falls apart
    Love is a flame
    Burning brightly within you
    it burns faster and stronger until it consumes you
    love keeps you warm on snowy winter nights
    its your link to life when nothing is going right
    love can be a lot of things
    its not carved in marble
    the only limit is your imagination
    and that, in itself, is limitless
    Love gives the soul confidence,
    when its lost all salvation
    It keeps the mind dreaming,
    when its lost all imagination
    Love can have many meanings
    There could always be more
    If death ever became a choice,
    isn't love worth living for?