• Now she's in my head
    Not often open to suggestion
    My thoughts are hers instead
    Could this be possession

    I tried so many times
    It's well beyond my power
    Clock in the den chimes
    Bring on the witching hour

    I've given up on dreaming
    I do mine in the day
    Too many thoughts are teeming
    Helpless, I am their prey

    Peering through the twilight
    on the floor I lay
    Against all of my might
    I begin to play

    Fingers run along the strings
    Her voice is so clear
    So beautifully she sings
    As if she was here

    With eyes closed, we perform
    Our moonlit duet
    Through her song I am transformed
    Into her marionette

    I'm no longer playing the strings
    I am dangling from them now
    In my mind her song still clings
    This love, no longer will I disavow