• A war, a blast, a bloody boom
    Where all the battles guns in tune
    they faugh for whats beleived is right
    They faught the trenches day and night
    Our friends and family see their faces
    Of those who wish to win these races
    A night ago they may have lived
    And the herafter, their hear has gived

    The artillery hits the ground below
    The screams of men and women grow
    The bullets fired and friend and foe
    We feel their sadness, pain, and woe
    There are the ones who fight the guns alone
    And ones who fight to defend their home
    Still we fight the sombre battle
    With a sword a horse and saddle

    I wish sometimes for war to end
    But still more soldiers they will send
    Because no matter where we go
    The hardest battle is to cope
    With those who died and wont be home