• I wish you joy
    as I suffer under your every word
    I wish you enternal happiness
    as I lose my mind to you constant bickering
    I wish your life to be as enjoyable as you wish
    as I suffer the faults of time
    I wish you to sleep peacfully so you wake up the next day as radiant and as beautiful as the sun
    as I suffer the effects of sleepless nights due to nightmares that haunt me even in day
    I wish your memories to be full of accomplishments
    as I am buried by my own failures
    I wish you enternal happiness, life, health and pleasureable moments
    as I am buried under the faults of depression, death, sickness and heart sinking feelings
    What you did
    What you have yet to do
    Thou shalt haunt my very soul
    Is only a matter of seconds and
    Cruel words