• Erase the writing on the paper
    Rewrite the words so they make more sense
    Then erase it all again
    Because it sounds less valid than before
    But go ahead and erase it again
    And again and again
    And once more, too
    I already know what you’re trying to do

    Rewrite the words that are imprinted on your heart
    Replay the scene that is burned into your mind
    Redo the event that you regret the most
    Rearrange the pictures that have melted onto your conscious
    Redefine yourself so you can make more sense of it all

    And while you’re busy doing all those things
    Those things which mean nothing
    Just be sure to realize these things first
    These things which mean everything
    No matter how many times you erase those words
    They will never go away
    No matter how many times you rewrite those words
    They will always mean the same
    No matter how many times you replay that scene
    It will never be any different
    No matter how many times you redo that event
    It will always end the same way
    No matter how many times you rearrange those pictures
    The past will always remain
    No matter how many times you redefine yourself
    You will never change
    You will always be the same

    While you were obsessing over those minute things
    You lost everyone you cared about
    When you watched everyone walk away
    You did absolutely nothing to stop them
    It appears that you didn’t realize
    That they loved you and cared for you
    Your flaws didn’t mean anything to them
    But they meant the world to you

    And now let me ask you a few questions
    Don’t worry for it won’t take long
    And please, answer honestly
    Was it worth it?
    Did you find what you were looking for?
    Does any of it make sense now?