• I’m ten feet off the ground
    And it makes no sense at all
    I thought I’d understand
    But then you made me fall
    I took a little trip
    Thought it would be over
    I guess that just dip
    That finishes it.
    I never though I’d find you here
    I never knew you were
    Perfection is my enemy
    you’d find another her.
    But I guess I finally found
    What I’ve been looking for
    Years and years have passed
    Since you were my last
    But I guess that’s it
    I guess were here
    A ring on my finger
    A love I hold so dear.
    Come with me
    Take a dive
    And you’ll see what you mean to me
    Smile love its all I know
    Sometimes you must take it slow
    Nothing makes sense
    But I guess that cool
    Someday somehow we’ll kill the school
    Never underestimate
    How true love can make
    Something so strong
    Turn so weak.
    Now its your turn stop making me meek
    Cause I love you
    I need you
    You all I am
    The smile painted on my face
    Is there because of you
    The way I’m nervous
    Is because my heart races
    And every second
    Spent away
    Makes me miss you everyday
    So I’m ten feet off the ground
    Waiting to crash down
    My heart is made of glass
    So please make this last.