• Hiding underneath the bed
    Waiting, listening filled with dread
    Hearing voices filled with hate
    Scared of this families coming fate

    Shouting, screaming, crashing too
    Now I'm holding tight to you
    Littlt sister, I am here
    Take my spot, you need not fear

    I hear him coming to our room
    For you dear sis, I'll face my doom
    He's at the door, I'm so afraid
    But this decision I've gladly made

    He's in here now, the blows fall fast
    Dear little sis, I may not last
    I watch you hidden beneath the bed
    Then one last time he hits my head

    He's leaving now, it's safe to come
    Dear little sis, I feel so numb
    I hold you tightly to my chest
    For you dear sis, I've past the test

    I hear the sirens coming near
    You might not see me, but I'll stay here
    I watch you sit down by my grave
    Crying as you turned to wave

    I'm happy sis, as I watch you play
    You no longer have to watch what you say
    Don't worry sis, I'll wait for you
    Because I know that you'll be here too

    For now I'll watch you as you grow
    Happy that I faced our foe