• What is this?
    It's a liar.
    It's a hypocrite.
    It's an unamusing game.

    What is this?
    It's a failure.
    It's a disgrace.
    It's a hate stricken name.

    What is this?
    Why is This?
    Where is this from?

    What is this?
    How is this?
    Why did it come?

    It's place isn't here.
    It's place isn't there.
    Even if it had a place,
    It's place would be nowhere.

    The shame it brings upon itself is unbelievable from the start.
    I cannot stand how it doesn't care.
    I don't know how it lives without a heart.

    There's only one thing that this could be.
    There's only one thing that I can see.

    I have only one statement,
    And this statement is true.
    The answer of the question is . . .

    This Is You.