• Late at night in the bed,
    Woken by that silly cell phone,
    Your asking me to come,
    Party with you and your friends,

    I don't know this guy,
    You tell me that he's alright,
    Ask me if I ever drink,
    Smile and say I don't have to,

    When the stereo goes,
    And plays that soundtrack to,
    The ending of our lives,
    Being sober must be better,

    But as this guy I wasn't,
    Meant to be here with you now,
    Because straight-edge,
    Can't be worse that all of this,

    So I stumble only slightly,
    Close your drunk eyes and pretend,
    You can't see my sadness,
    The way I stumble down the steps,

    Car comes across the road,
    I lurch to the side and barely miss,
    The death of a silly innocent,
    Who gave up victim status for beer,

    Play scenarios in my mind,
    Film show of disaster hitting home,
    My funeral in a soft casket,
    Rain sliding down the windshield,

    Of all the things I've said,
    Consent wasn't to pass my lips,
    So ignore what I've done,
    Look into clear eyes and hear dissent,

    You won't love me after this,
    Trying not to roll your drunken eyes,
    So walk away, leave me here,
    Out in the rain, I'd stay awhile alone.